Data Visualisation

Combined Land-Surface Air and Sea-Surface Water Temperature Anomalies

(Land-Ocean Temperature Index, LOTI)

Zonal annual means.

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The subset of data used are "Year", "Glob", "24N-90N", "24S-24N" and "90S-24S".
The y-axes represent the year from 1880 to 2014.
The left x-axes are divided into 3 sections, that represent the latitude "24N-90N", "24S-24N" and "90S-24S" on the map.
The right x-axes represent the "Glob"

When you move the mouse from left to right, four graphs will be plotted with the constant update of current year temperature.
The three colour coded graphs are for "24N-90N", "24S-24N" and "90S-24S".
The black line graph is for "Glob".

The graph shows that the global zonal annual means: